Website Traffic Boosters: 50 Proven In-depth Ways to Increase Website Visitors – Part 1

What’s the use of a great website when no one gets to see it? The conversion rates of websites are very low generally with the 2-5% conversion rate considered to be health on the market. A conversion is recorded when a user has taken a desired action on the website, for example, signing up for a newsletter. Considering these low conversion rate percentages, if your website is going to drive much business, you need a very high number of visitors to come to the website. The more traffic your website has at the same conversion rate of 2-5%, the clients you will end up having. This is what makes the subject of driving traffic to your website very important. It’s important not only to drive traffic but also make sure that the traffic belongs to the target audience group which will find your offers interesting. As you go through, the ways of increasing traffic, it’s important to know that you will have put some efforts if you are going to get results. Also, some of these ways may not work well for your particular situation and business, hence filtering is necessary.

1. Find influencers in your niche market

Influencers are people or businesses with a huge following. One of the ways to get more traffic to your website is to get an influencer mention or recommend your brand/website better if you can get them to promote it in a blog post or social media post. This method is very effective not only in getting website traffic but it also get people to trust your brand since it is recommended and used by celebrities. As much as possible, try to deal with influencers with an engaged following. Engagement in social media, for example, is the number of people who comment, like and share the celebrity’s posts. Having millions of likes have never guaranteed engagement. The ideal influencer will have the following characteristics:
  • Have a large engaged following on social media, email lists or content viewership.
  • They are within or related to your business niche or they are serving your ideal customers.
  • They are associated with credibility as a celebrity. Getting a fired CEO to advertise bank loan facility won’t be a good idea. What are they known for, won’t it hurt your brand to be associated with them?
Try not to spend so much money to get celebrities push your brand, it may be wise to negotiate for one blog post or mention in social media platforms. An example of an influencer profile is Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa. She has managed to create a huge following on all social media platforms. If you get her to recommend your brand/website on these platforms, it will drive traffic to your website.
Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa Twitter
Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa Twitter

2. Find out what the influencers care about.

It is important to get influencers who are relevant in your business space. That research is so important and it cannot be over emphasized. Having done that, it may be important that influencers get to mentions your brand/website in a way that sounds promotional. In this case, you want to be noticed by influencers and pose as the necessary link for them to do something. You can do this by becoming somebody that the influencer needs to promote to get their various agendas done. Find out what influencers are interested in and make strong contributions to that interest. Share your work with the influencers who are already warm about that topic and they will almost always share it with their audience. The research, in this case, is around finding out what the influencers are interested in and then create content that meets those needs. An example of this is the story of an Indian girl who made an air propelled bicycle and she became an inspiration for many people around the world after an influencer in her country mentioned the story.
Indian Girl Who Made Air Propelled Bycircle
Indian Girl Who Made Air Propelled Bicycle

3. Add share trigger in your content

People like sharing what makes them useful, inspiring, humorous and important with their communities. When creating a share-trigger, the target is your network’s network. A share trigger is something within the website content that compels the website visitors to share your website on social media or with their email contacts. It’s intended to go viral and create a huge brand awareness opportunity for your brand. Here are examples of share triggers you can add into your website content:
  • Publicly support a cause that many people are interested in. This is why corporate sponsor sports and environmental campaigns.
  • Invite people to join a group of like-minded people where they can share and learn from each and from experts. People like staying connected, we are social beings.
  • Invite people to help other by sharing useful content. That’s why so many WhatsApp messages go viral, people want to be very helpful.
  • Run a contest for those who share your content. People like winning! That’s why price slash promotions like the OK Grand Challenge are still relevant and drive so much money for the businesses. Create a contest and people will get to talk about it.
  • Give something for free. One of the ways I have seen by great consultants is free one-on-one sessions for the persons who drives most likes to their content. The successful ones will have special chance to be coached or mentored by that great consultant. It has always worked and it will always work.

4. Advertise the website

There is nothing like, ‘if you built it they will come’. After making a website you will have to advertise it. This is where people who create websites for ‘marketing purposes’ get stuck! Websites need to be marketed themselves. Websites must not be created for marketing purposes but to meet a particular business need like generating business leads. After creating your website to generate business leads, for example, you will need to get people to the website so that they can be converted into leads. I have often asked people who call me enquiring about our services to signup using the website. Get your website before your target audience somehow. You need to make the website appear in every communication including emails signatures, radio adverts, letterhead, business cards, and social media posts. A good example of this is a company which spent thousands of dollars in a ‘Google our website name’ campaign. What happens here is that they put out posts and pluck cards on the road asking people to just Google or visit their website to discover what’s they there. There are many goals achieved by this campaign including higher search engine rankings, but the bottom line is they have promoted and advertised their website. When you know that your website is a business tool, you won’t hesitate driving people there because you know it does convert them into clients.

5. Pay attention to On-Page SEO

Sadly, during the design and development of websites, people are focused mostly on how it looks and are not concerned about the structure and makeup of the website. They leave the ‘technical stuff’ to the developers. In most cases, the developers are not concerned about the success of the project after website launch. Success for most developers is the launch of the website and not how it will eventually make the client more successful. Even if you are not a technical person, you will need to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the tactics, strategies and, methods used to make a page rank high in Search Engine (Google and Bing) results for particular search phrases or keywords. There are two sides of SEO, on-page and off page SEO. In this section, let’s focus on the on-page side of SEO. For your website pages to have good on-page SEO, they need the following to be in place.
  • Unique Page Titles
  • Unique Meta Descriptions
  • H1, H2 and H3 Tags
  • Focus Keyword
  • Topically relevant content
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Schema Data
If you are using WordPress for your website, which I highly recommend, all these can be done without going into the website code using the Yoast SEO plugin. That plugin has a free and paid version, the free one is good enough to get started with on-page SEO.


Considering the low conversion rates that many websites have, it’s important that direct efforts be made to drive traffic to your website. The methods suggested here all have long term effect on your website. We have 45 methods left. You can ask questions or add a traffic driving technique you wish to see covered here in the comments section below.Posted in digital marketing, online marketing, SEOTagged , , ,

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