Website Design & Development

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Fully Responsive

Our websites are compatible with mobile devices, tablets, laptop, desktops and TV screens. No matter the size of the screen, your website will look awesome.

Self Managed

We encourage our clients to manage their own websites. They can be trained to add, edit and remove text and images from the website. Anyone who can use the internet can do it.


Blogging helps your business keep in-touch with the clients. Our websites have an inbuilt blogging engine.

Clear Navigation

Our focus on making the websites is to make them usable. We make the navigation as clear and usable as possible.

Custom Designs

We create websites which are unique and unlike any other on the internet. We create custom design websites for our high-value clients.

Online Shopping

Whether you are ready for it or not, our websites can be expanded into full online shopping websites. It will possible to receive payments, manage orders and manage inventory.

Website Design

Website Planning

Determine what the website should achieve and what we need to add on the website.

Design & Develop

We will the website and adjust it to your taste while maintaining standards and clients preferences.

Test & Deploy

After verifications, we go live! It's the happy moment, we go social with it and let everyone know.

Care and Maintenance

We can for your website or we can train you how to do it. Websites are not a 'build and shelf', they are alive and need to be updated.

At Calmlock, we design websites that add value to your business. We are a results-oriented web design company with a strong local and international portfolio. When you allow us to work with you in your new or redesign website project, you will not regret it.

Website Design & Development

can we make a great website for you?

Yes, I need a website