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What the cost of Web Design?

The size and budget of your website will be determined after a first consultation meeting with one of our team members. However, we can tell you that all of our websites cost at least $200. So please fill the form on this page to Apply for a Web Desing Consultation session with one of our team members. You will get a response from us within 24hrs during the week and up to 48hrs over weekends.

How long does it take?

Generally, a website takes one to four weeks to complete. However, specific timelines for your project will be available after the consultation meeting. Fill the form on this page to arrange for the consultation meeting.

What about domain name & hosting?

If you need a domain name and hosting we can advise you on how to go about it. The are many things to consider in choosing a domain name and the hosting. All these are discussed in-depth during the consultation meeting.

What platform do you use to develop websites?

We use WordPress for most of our websites. But why? WordPress powers 40% of the internet that means it’s reliable, secure and has a big community behind it. In case you want to move on with your website, the next service provider can easily take over. Naturally, WordPress websites do very well with Search Engine Optimization.

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