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Web design in Zimbabwe has often been criticised for being substandard when compared to the international community. This view prevailed strongly in the recent years. Many businesses have taken their web design projects elsewhere in the world seeking for better quality work. The truth is that this has changed drastically in the past two years. I will show you why I am making such a bold statement.

Web Design in Zimbabwe has improved because:

Internet accessibility has improved.

The improved accessibility of internet in the country in the recent years has been a great contribution to the web design in Zimbabwe. Information is shared and accessed via the internet. Web designers can easily keep up to speed with the latest technologies and trends in the world.

Zimbabwean designers now exporting their work

I personally know three companies that export their web design work to other countries in the region and as far as Europe. I am glad to say that Calmlock Website Design in one of them.

Reduced number of projects done outside

Generally speaking, there is a steady rise in confidence that businesses now have toward local website design companies. Instead of sending their projects to India and South Africa, I have worked on several projects which were meant to be done outside the country. Realisation of long distance project partner problems.

Realisation of long distance project partner problems

The companies that had already engaged foreign web designers experience a number of problems like different cultures, language barriers, overpricing of services, different time zones and many more. Furthermore, you can’t knock on their door to ask them to speed up on the project.

Improved designs

Generally speaking, most of the websites done today are really good looking. The websites which were done like three years ago need upgrades, and these are being done. The use of technologies like Bootstrap really makes web design easier.

Use of latest technologies

Most of the websites being designed today use HTML5 and CSS3. The use of web design frameworks like HTML5 Boilerplate and bootstrap is on the rise in the country. This means that the latest technologies in web design are being in Zimbabwe as well as in other countries. Even though the industry of web design is full of self-professed professionals, there is a great improvement in the capabilities of our website designers in Zimbabwe. Web design in Zimbabwe has gone through the phases and can be fairly treated as mature at this point in time.Posted in Web DesignTagged

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