Want Strong Internet Presence? What to do

It’s a success strategy to have multiple streams of income. In the same way, having multiple streams of customers brings high stability for a business. A business which relies on one source of customers is not yet established. One great channel of customers acquisition which can bring qualified people who are out of your network is the Internet. I have seen how the internet creates a level ground for businesses of different sizes and financial power. Anyone with time to learn the ropes for using the internet as a customer acquisition channel will benefit from it.

How to Create a Strong Internet Presence

To consistently acquire new customers from the internet requires a business to have a strong internet presence. I want to show you how you can build strong internet presence and the places where you need to be found online.
  1. Create a Google My Business listing.

This is one of the most important steps to take if you have a business with a physical location. Listing on Google my business will cause your business rank high for your brand name. After we listed Calmlock Web Design on Google My Business, the number of calls from prospective clients increased significantly. This is also something that businesses without websites can do and get very significant changes in the number of customers coming to them from Google. I personally call this ‘ranking number one on Google without a website’. Below is a screenshot of Google results when you search the brand name Calmlock. That right bold feature with a map is coming from Google My Business Calmlock listing. I am sure that I convinced you to want to be listed on Google My Business. Please search for Calmlock on Google, and give me a kind review!
How to have strong internet presence
Calmlock Web Design – Google My Business Listing
  To create your Google My Business Listing, to https://www.google.com/business and follow the instructions there.
Note that for the first time, they need to prove that the business exists at the address you have listed. They will send a letter with a business activation code. Changes to the address after activation do not require the verification code, though.
  1. Create a website.

The Google My Business is a great feature to attract people who are searching or looking for your brand. Most likely they want some more information about you do or offer. Here is where a website is very helpful. When you create a business website, it must be able to help to convince customers that you are the best person in the space to do what you do. All the activity online should in a way point people to a central place of business online: the website. Most online marketing efforts which are not backed by a website may not be as profitable and fruitful as they should. An audience around a website is always much better than the ones on social media and other online platforms. We can create your website here is more information about that.
  1. Get social.

A strong online presence is possible with creating pages, and profiles for your business on Social Media. Of the advantages with this is that when people search for your brand name, the first page on Google will be full of links which are all yours. Some from your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, local directories etc. Creating some social media presence is also good for customer acquisition. People spent more time on social media now that anywhere else on the internet. When you ignore this you are saying you have enough customers and you don’t new ones! Create platforms and communicate with your followers regularly.
  1. Local directory listing.

There are local directories in every place which are online. It is important to create your listing in those directories. I have some customers who have been with me a long time after they found us on local online directories. Here are some of the directories you may get listed on if possible get listed on as many as possible. These are not listed in order of importance, please comment with more directories below this article. Listing on directories makes you visible to people who search on directories directly.
  1. Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is the strategies and tactics of making a website page rank high in search results for selected terms. After creating a website, it’s important to make sure that your website pages are ranking high for search terms which are important to your business. I was so shocked when I joined the space that it was very easy to rank high for terms like “SEO, search engine optimization, and web design”. Take your time and choose which terms would you want your website to rank high for. Get a full step by step guide on “how to rank high on Google” here.
  1. Pay Per Click Advertising.

SEO takes some time to produce results and sometimes people need a quick sale or something like that. Even though running Pay Per Click campaigns does not have continuous advantages once the campaign is over, it is a sure way of getting results immediately. Pay Per Click advertising is when you pay a search engine (Google/Bing) to rank high for certain search terms. In these campaigns, advertisers are charged each time a person clicks on the advert. Ads are not charged for being displayed. Below is an example of Calmlock PPC campaign.
PPC Calmlock
PPC Campaign for Calmlock
  1. Videos and Video Adverts

The second largest search engine in the world is YouTube, not Bing. This means that people spent much time on YouTube. Running Video campaigns on YouTube is a powerful way of ensuring a strong internet presence. Video adverts are those interruptive short videos which are promotional in nature. Even though people will skip them, the truth is they would have seen your brand in those five seconds of play. We can manage YouTube Adverts for you if you need help.


These are not the only ways to create a strong internet presence but they will surely get you started. Surely the internet has made small businesses popular and gave them an advantage over larger established companies in the past few years. Having a strong online presence will always pay off whether you are a small business or a larger one. What other ways do you think people can use to create an even stronger internet presence? Let’s talk in the comments below.    Posted in digital marketing, online marketing, SEO

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