Six Signs You Need To Invest in SEO

When you want to grow your business but do not know what to do. Usually, businesses grow when they are reaching more people interested in what they offer at a profitable cost. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It’s defined as the techniques and strategies used to gain high ranking in Search Engines (Google and Bing) for specific keywords so as to get more people coming from the website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is something many marketers in Africa do not value or consider important. In fact, digital marketing is something that is done only by ‘tech savvy’ people now. Also, the website developers and designers have a hard time making their clients understand the importance of this all important online marketing channel. Every business would benefit from digital marketing provided there are a good strategy and a straight forward implementation plan. The goals of SEO is to make your business visible for what you do in search results on Google, Bing, and other search engines. SEO will drive people who are very interested in what you do to your website. It has that advantage of empowering the right people with information when they need it. Client’s are looking for solutions to their problem daily and they rely on search engines to discover these solutions. From problem identification stage in the buyer’s journey to purchase decisions, SEO is a super power in helping businesses to meet their potential clients.
SEO is a super power in helping business to meet their potential clients
There are times when it’s not clear when as a business you should invest in SEO or not? Should you join the bandwagon of those doing Social Media Marketing, email marketing, and SEO? The easiest way to make this choice is to look for the signs and symptoms of business that could leverage on digital marketing and specifically Search Engine Optimization. Let’s get going.

#1 – Limited budgets

There are very few times when a business has enough budget for growth and expansion, at least from the marketer’s view. There are always things to be done if the budget permitted. So how is this linked to SEO? Search engine optimization gives a big leverage here. The investment made in SEO will benefit the organization for a very long time. Once your website is optimized to rank for your products and services it will continue until a competitor does it better than you. Unlike billboards that get forgotten once they are taken down or fliers that get ‘binned’ in most cases, SEO has lasting results and the effects will continue as long the website is alive and your competition hasn’t figured out how to surpass you. So, when the budget is tight but you need to reach much further, SEO is your best bet. SEO works well with a good strategy and working plan.

#2 – We have visitors but they don’t become clients

How frustrating this can be! To have a website with so many visitors but they are not becoming business leads and clients. This is something that SEO helps to solve as well. This problem is often experienced by websites which have lots of content but there is no defined action to be taken by users after they read it. When people come to your website they have intentions. These include to learn, to read news, to views prices and or compare product offerings. SEO helps you to create content that attracts people with the intent which makes business sense to you. SEO will help you know what content to create to attract the right kind of visitors. Unless your business is to sell banner ads on your website, you don’t need unnecessary visits to your website. Their behavior may bring your rankings down due to things like bounce rate.

#3 – when clients can’t find you online

How sad it is that someone remembers your business name but forgot your contacts but can’t find your business online. This doesn’t happen to those without websites only, even those who have, many of them can’t be found on Google. There are two ways your business can be found on Google. First, by the business name or brand. Your brand or business name must point to your website always. If there are many other websites with similar names, it’s much harder but very necessary. The best to rank number one for your brand name at least. The second, uncommon in Zimbabwe, way to be found online is by the services/products that you offer. When we search for your product, who do we see in Google results? Is it you or your competitor? The goal of SEO is to make you rank very high for what you offer not just the brand. This is what makes SEO a powerhouse for a business of any size. With SEO, it’s possible to be found as relevant by clients who never met you or your brand before. Your business can expand to area and clients who would have cost you’re a fortune to reach using other marketing methods.

#4 – When you are unknown and likely untrusted

There are so many scams these days; people have become very skeptical about promises made online. You understand what I mean. Anyone would not trade with any business they don’t trust. SEO helps here once again! Oh, SEO the business life saver. But how? When people see, your website ranking high on Google they immediately raise their trust towards the business. The assumption is that Google has seen that you are good enough about what you claim to do. Therefore, a business cannot afford to leave out Search engine optimization if they need people who don’t know their brands to do business with them. It makes clients build more trust in you. This has been true in our experience with clients. Those who came to use from Google were very much less skeptical about dealing with us.

#5 – Need Help Building a Brand

Building a strong brand is essential for success. For consultants, the brand can be the consultant himself. How does SEO help to build a brand? A strong brand is one that is perceived to offer the best product and or service on the market. SEO presents every willing business to be perceived as the best by people who matter in the business, the customers. SEO makes the knowledge you have available to clients when they have questions. You have a chance to keep in the face of the customer each time they search for your product or service. That’s what strong brands aim to do. SEO will make website visitors perceive your business as the best since you are recommended by Google. The people who search for the product, will meet your brand on the results page and be introduced to it. Building strong brands with SEO.

#6 – When you don’t have the necessary relationships

To be known in the market is important for business. Business deals with people you know have fewer questions, checkpoints and negotiations are usually shorter. But when you do not know anyone in the market to introduce you as an expert, it will be harder to break through. SEO gives the chance to introduce yourself as an expert in your niche market. The sad truth is that people who are knowledgeable are obscured because they do not know how to promote their knowledge. If you know and write about ‘how to preserve honey so that it can last for 10 years’ but no one gets to see the article, you will remain unknown. Now imagine, you write that fantastic article and many people get to read it. It means many more people will refer to you as a honey expect and it’s going to make them come to you for honey business consultation and related services. SEO is that powerhouse that will make people see your content if it is relevant to what they are looking for. You can create your own community of people who see you as an expert.

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