Questions To Ask Your Website Designer For Profitable Projects

You need to know what to ask the right questions that will help you to tell the best web designer. The questions you ask can be technical, relational or business oriented. These are all areas you need to rate a designer or agency before engaging them on your project. By the end of this article, you will have a good number of questions to ask that will reveal hidden things about your designer. It’s true that when it’s your first time doing a website you won’t know the right questions to ask a developer or designer. There are so many website designers out there, one needs to be able to select the best for their project and budget. Not making the right choice means hiring a bad coach, you know what that means!

Here are the questions to ask your designer or website agency.

You need to take these questions and tailor them for your particular situation. You may need to leave out some of them completely as they may be out or context.
  1. Do you provide website care and support? What would it cost?

    They may refer you to the hosting service provider for this service because they may not be ready for it. Anyone who doesn’t provide website care and support plans has no plan to have a long-term relationship with you. Your website is unlikely to benefit you within the first three weeks, the same way it takes time for you to notice the changes you need and see problems surfacing. The ideal thing is to get a web designer/developer who has an intend to take care of your website over a long time. Good website care services will include – traffic reports periodically, periodic backup with a restore guarantee and software updates. There could be more services around care plans and example is here. Use this to judge whether you want to stick with some for a long time or otherwise.
  2. Can I edit the website myself? Any training needed?

    If you can manage your own website content, the better. This will reduce the cost of running the website. Also find out what you need to learn in order to manage the website. Any CMS powered website can be managed with anyone who has a fair experience browsing websites. The idea of having to manage your website is great because it means you can be doing things like blogging without having to talk to the website developer. A good designer should be able to train you how to manage your website effectively. Why then do I need care plan? Because there so much more to the website than changing text and images.
  3. What type of help do I get to make my website profitable?

    This question will get the designer thinking. In my opinion, this one of the best questions to ask. It shows whether your designer has experience in making websites profitable or he is just good at arranging things on web pages using code and images. You need more than a programmer to make a website profitable. You need someone who can take your hand from the beginning until you see the fruits of your project. Take note that, it’s not an easy thing to follow the advice you get from the best of these guys.
  4. Please give  a profitable website case study?

    A profitable project with references could be the best you can get from your designer. If they do not have any case study, it may be a sign that they just develop websites and leave it in the hands of the owner to make it profitable and useful. Use the answer for this question to decide whether it’s ok or not work with them.
  5. What’s your process?

    Where there is no predefined process in making websites, it’s likely that the project will take long and will not be finished on time. The process they take you through is important because it shows how organized the designer is and how much you can them input into the work at various times in the project. An example of a good website design process is here.

Avoid this

Avoid being so pushy to get the price for the work in the first discussion. Why? The whole discussion can turn into a negotiation for the best price. The thing is to get your project in safe hands and then fight for a good price after that. Whats the use of getting a cheap useless thing?

Next steps

If you have chosen to work with that designer, they need to give you a proposal including a contract. It’s very risky to work with someone where there is no formal agreement. The person can change their terms and it will be my word against their word. Of course, you can give them a bad review, but what about your money and time wasted? Request a full proposal and contract for the project.Posted in GeneralTagged , ,

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