Maximising Radio Adverts using SEO: Commentary with Real Example

How sad it is for the advertiser to drive so many people to your brand or product but get so little out of it? Is it that your product or brand is not good? Or those people are just not interested? Well, the reason for this article is to show one of the areas where advertisers lose potential clients to their brands, products or services. I have to listen to Star FM Zimbabwe many times on my way to work that between 6:30 and 8 am. This is prime time for adverts and promoted programs. The advert I want to focus on here isthe EMMB Africa’s promoted program that I heard the other day on my way to work. The promoter came to the studio and beautifully presented a great learning opportunity in an industry which is not congested. I think the advert was brilliant and I hope EMMB Africa benefitted from running this campaign.There was one problem. They expected all the people to be able to capture their phone numbers and or remember their physical addresses for the various offices around the country. Is this a problem? Yes, it is and I will prove it just now. (This is not meant to be hurtful to EMMB Africa, it’s a brilliant example of what I am talking about.) It is a problem because not all listeners will have the opportunity to take down the contact details due to situations like driving or simply not having a place to store the information. Ok, what should they have done to help the situation? Thanks for asking! They should have built a website and had SEO in place. Wait! Wait! Why do you think that would help? Won’t they forget the website just as they did the phone numbers and addresses? Yea, true they could forget the website too but that’s why I said they should have had it optimized for major search engines like Google. Below is what you see if you go to Google and type EMMB. Somehow, Google will suggest what you are looking for using what other people have been searching for in the recent past. The way all the suggestions point to EMMB Africa shows that there has been a lot of searches for EMMB Africa. When an advert is running on air, people remember different things about it but the most remembered element is the brand. So, people tend to search for that brand on Google hoping to find more information on the services the advert was referring to.

Four Things That Will Improve Radio Adverts Effectiveness:

1. Having a Website.

This is what EMMB Africa lacked at the beginning of the campaign. They did not have a website. Of course, people could find the contact details on the directory websites suggested by Google but was it too difficult to create a website which can be as cheap as $250? If you intend to run effective radio adverts, make sure that your website is in support of what you are going to say on the advert.

2. Ranking High On Google For Your Brand Name.

There are companies whose brand names are congested by fake faces of their brands on search engines. Before you go ahead and generate sales traffic, you may be doing your competition a favour, you need to make sure that you are number one on Google for your company name and brand name. If I am not ranking well but need to do radio adverts now, what should I do? Good question. There is a solution that will temporarily make you rank number one on Google for your company or brand names for a while. It will work if you have money to pay for it. It’s not expensive but it can be if the website has lots of traffic coming to it. It’s called PPC advertising or specifically Google AdWords. Ideally, you will need to rank naturally to do well in the long run. That’s where SEO services would do you good in helping you channel the traffic you generated from Radio to find their way to the website.

3. A website that is up to date with company information.

A website with phone numbers and emails which are no longer working is useless because it loses some of the traffic you generated from the radio adverts since they cannot get in touch with you. Before running the adverts on Radio, it’s important to make sure that all the content about whatever you are promoting is up to date, the contacts forms are working and the phone numbers are valid on the website.

4. Adding Promotion Details on the website.

Often when someone is talking about their offering at length on Radio adverts, they say ‘visit our website for more information’. But when you get to the website, you realize that the website has no information or too little about that offering.

Fixing The Problem

1. Use A CMS For Your Website.

Why? What is a CMS? It’s easy to make updates to the website. Currently, a CMS powered website can have all the advantages of any hard-coded website. Do not listen to anyone saying that CMSs are not good, remind them that they just not good with the CMS. I have seen very complex systems done using CMSs. I recommend WordPress because it powers 26% of the internet and has the largest community in case you need a hand one day.

2. Let The Marketing Team Manage The Website.

We have been managing it from the IT department why should we change? Really? That’s why the website is outdated! The IT guys are fascinated and impressed with different things on the website many of which are useless for business. Giving the marketing team the rights to change the website means that they can keep updating the website as one of the tasks to be checked before starting a new campaign. What if they ask IT to do it? Well, it can work though in many cases it’s hard to transfer urgency and that sense of how important something is if they don’t understand the purpose. Besides, why increase the steps in getting the job done? Get the marketing team to manage the website and it will always be updated.


It’s not difficult to have these in place. Just nobody said it was important. I want you to know that it is and I have outlined how to improve your Radio adverts. This is how digital marketing supports any other marketing activity. Tell me what you think in the comments below and get the discussion started. Is there any other important point that I missed?Posted in digital marketing, SEOTagged , , , ,


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Great article. SEO is quite something to consider as this helps to get quick results in google.


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