Importance of SEO In Marketing

‘The whole idea of making more business from a website is a hoax!’, said the angry marketing director. That was in the board room when a web design company was making a sales pitch. There was silence and my friend was almost paralyzed. A follow-up question came, ‘Why is it that we have not experienced the ROI you guys talk about when you are looking for business? You are just making money for yourselves with these expensive websites!’ That was the best time to introduce the needed horse for this discussion – Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With more and more websites being introduced onto the internet daily, SEO is increasingly becoming important. In today’s world, it’s almost impossible for a new website to survive, with so many websites out there that can satisfy your target audience’s needs. SEO is, therefore, essential to ensure that your target audience can view your website. It helps you stand out in the ‘crowd’ and traffics people to your website.

Why some businesses don’t benefit from their websites

The reason why some people feel that website, online marketing, and such technologies are a hoax is because they haven’t applied them well. For example, building a website is the starting point and not the end. In Zimbabwe, many businesses built websites and forget about them for years before another redesign. This is a sure way not to get any business from your website.

After building your website, promote it: SEO in Marketing

Your website is going to be useful only when someone looks at it and get some value out of it. This means after developing a website for your company, the next important step is to promote it on the Internet to make sure that people get to see it. Otherwise, the efforts and costs to build the website can be considered a loss. There are many things you could do to promote your website on the internet. These includes optimizing your website so that it becomes search engine friendly, i.e. search engines can easily access its contents. SEO improves the search engine rankings of your website pages by using specific keywords that are relevant to your industry and business.

On-Page and Off-Page SEO

There are several on-page search engine optimization techniques in which keywords are incorporated in the title, Meta description and content etc. of your website pages. The off-page optimization techniques are employed to promote your website in several other online mediums. The back links to your website are useful in attracting more search engine crawlers. They establish the relevance of your links and pay close attention to the content on your website. Hence the content on your website must be of a good quality to ensure its credibility. Good content is not only useful in SEO but also to in making your website a trustworthy source on the Internet.

Increasing website traffic

SEO helps your website reach a wider audience by making sure that your website becomes visible in Google Search results. It is true that every business needs customers in order to survive. SEO helps you get customers who are looking for what you offer (products, services or information) even they never heard of your business before. No matter how hard you try, it is a fact that without an effective SEO strategy you simply cannot reach out to most your online target audience. About 80% of the people with internet will search for what they want to buy before making a purchase. SEO will make sure that your business is visible to these hot potential clients. If you want to increase your business, you will need more customers and for that, you need SEO to traffic users to your website from Google and Bing (the most popular search engines now).

SEO: Playing the long game.

You will soon discover that the results of SEO are long lasting and so this will cause your business to grow consistently over time. As the number of people visiting your website increases, you attract more and more potential clients. Thus, your sales increase and your business flourish. Digital marketing techniques like SEO also ensures an all-round online promotion. A competent SEO company will see to it that their clients acquire maximum exposure and get an all-round promotion on the Web. The professionals make use of several techniques to make sure that the goals are achieved in the given time and budget. Nowadays, proper all-round promotion is the only way to spread the word about your business. To do that, the best option for you will be to hire an experienced digital marketing company. Once you have managed to secure high rankings, visitors will be trafficked to your website automatically. This saves money and time. SEO is like your personal marketing team; it works even when you are asleep!

Why SEO?

The importance of SEO cannot be over emphasized in this day where all businesses are faced with cut-throat competition, with the opponents struggling hard to hog all the limelight – just like in the real world. To gain some importance in the Internet world, you need SEO. For marketing, SEO plays that important role of not only bringing the new business lead to your business but also to help your existing clients find information about your business easily. Did you know that whenever you run a radio, street or TV campaign to promote something, people will start searching for it on Google? That’s why you need SEO.

SEO Survival Tips

So, when you go ahead and hire professionals for internet marketing, make sure that you have they have Search Engine Optimizers as well. They will begin the internet marketing services by first thoroughly studying your website. This helps them understand which areas of your website are hindering its performance. All the factors will be then considered to develop strategies that will work best for your website and business. To find the right company for the job, you can search online for “SEO Company Zimbabwe” (an SEO professional company would have applied some skills on their own website!). Find experienced and reliable firms that can help you achieve your marketing goals in the time constraints and budget that you define. You can do this by looking at the company’s previous experiences and their success rates. You can also look for testimonials before making a decision. Do you know anyone or company which benefited from SEO directly? You can share your thoughts and insights in the comments below or share with your friends on social media using the easy buttons on the left of your screen.Posted in digital marketing, online marketing, SEOTagged , ,


mwanavhu - posted on January 8, 2017 6:14 pm

Good article, Trust. I installed JetPack and Yoast on one of my sites the day after WordCamp Harare and haven’t looked back since! SEO ndizvo!


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