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Find out what our clients say about us and why we think you should allow us to work with you

As a company that thrives on customer satisfaction, we enjoy learning what our customers think of our work. In order to share stories of the fantastic outcomes we’ve achieved through hard work and dedication for our customers, we asked our most devoted customers for their testimonials.

When making a purchasing decision, customers will often put a great deal of trust in the testimonials of other customers.


Testimonials are powerful marketing tools that can turn potential purchasers into paying customers, and give credibility to products and services.

Many customers prefer hearing from other customers instead of product descriptions and ads. Here is a guide to leveraging customer testimonials for your business.

Start by collecting customer testimonials. Whenever you receive positive feedback from customers on your products or services, ask them if they would be willing to leave a written or video testimonial. Make sure to provide clear instructions on what you are looking for from customers and how they can submit their testimonials. Make the process as easy as possible.


They said,

Nigel M Rodgers

10 reviews·1 photo
6 years ago
“Calmlock are the best consultants in Zimbabwe for search engine optimization and search engine marketing. They are also helping empower youths as a partner with the Google Digital Skills initiative. I can’t express my gratitude to your team enough for the service they rendered. They put in the effort to comprehend my needs and worked diligently to stay within my budget. The amount of work they put in and the end result truly impressed me”.


Pilate Chinyengetere

Local Guide·8 reviews·11 photos
7 years ago
“Your team went above and beyond to deliver the desired product while taking the time to hear about my vision. While staying within the allocated budget, they offered suggestions that weren’t part of the original plan. I’m very happy with the outcomes and the top-notch customer service. Very good services. You will never regret working with these guys”.


Eddie Kelly

1 review
3 years ago
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value, “Your team was responsive, kind, and effective. They quickly put the ideas and changes we requested into practice. Our expectations were exceeded, and above all, the level of customer service was unmatched”.


Naatasha Gachirai Litrudah Chakwenda

1 review
6 years ago
“The project was successful thanks to the team’s dedication and careful attention to detail. Every question I had was answered promptly and without requiring any additional effort from me. I am very pleased with the final product and have recommended this team to my friends and family.I met them @WordCamp Harare. They know what they do! Keep the good work guys.”

These are just a few of the outstanding reviews that our clients have shared after working with
us. It’s our commitment to customer service that has helped us build and maintain long-term
relationships with our clients and we’re proud to share their stories.


Testimonials are an excellent way to ensure that your current clients feel appreciated and to give potential clients a platform to learn about your offerings.


Testimonials benefits in a digital marketing agency for success

1. Establishes trust: Testimonials can be used to convince potential clients that your services are dependable, which fosters their own trust and motivates them to use your offerings.

2. Demonstrate Expertise: Testimonials offer a chance to demonstrate to prospective clients our knowledge and the expertise we provide, both of which they can rely on.

3. Improved Reputation: Since we can share these testimonials as social proof of our success, they can help our digital marketing agency’s overall reputation.

4. HIghlight Happy Customers: Highlighting happy customers in an effective way can improve user experience by highlighting the ability of our services to satisfy customers’ needs. Finding the ideal ratio of pre-written and custom testimonials can be tricky, but the payoff is huge because it can be used to boost customer loyalty and potential revenue.

It can also be a powerful way to demonstrate how successful your services are. You can instantly increase customer engagement by using testimonials in a consistent and effective manner, and you’ll also benefit from the other advantages of doing so.

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