How Long Does It Take To Create A Website?

We cannot have a one-answer-suits-all for this question. With experience, it is possible to create a website in a few hours using a page builder tool or a theme if you are CMS like WordPress. There are a number of factors that determine how long it takes to create a website. Here are some:

Website Project Planning.

This is one the main determinants of how long it will take to develop a website. When there is a clear plan of what need to be built, the time it takes to create a website will be drastically reduced. On the negative, long winding website projects are usually due to lack of clear direction on what to need to be done. The are so many iterations that could be avoided if a clear website project plan was laid out. Learn more about planning for website project here.

Content availability

The programming needed to display content on a website is not a complex or time-consuming job. Most of the times, delays are due to unavailability of content.  If you need a quick website build, the trick is to get the all the writing, images, videos and documents needed for the project to be ready. If this is something which can’t be done, you need invest in content creation. Hire somebody to take pictures, create videos and write all the content and documents needed. Any experienced website project manager will tell you that content is one of the major causes of delays in completing websites.

Content volume

A website with five pages will be done in a far shorter time compared to one with 1000 pages. The time it takes to create a website is determined by the volume of content that the website is going to have when finished.

Website Structure

This talks of how the website pages are related on the website. Some websites have subsections which are independent websites. Such a website will take longer to complete because practically more than one website will be built in the project.

How long we take to create a website at Calmlock Web Design?

Our website projects usually take three to five days if all the content and project plan is available. We, however, have some projects taking as long as six months due to less client involvement. All the factors above We would like to quickly finish all projects on the speculated time in the project proposal. We can create a website for you! See our Web Design Services    Posted in Create a website, Web DesignTagged , ,

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