Working with us requires:

Business Goals

We require clients with clear business goals. Success can be achieved when it is defined. If you don’t have goals, be ready to work with us on developing them.

Business Audience

Businesses without an audience struggle to meet sales targets. If you do not have an audience you must be willing to build one. Marketing to ‘everyone’ always fails.

Passion and drive

We are experts in marketing and you are the business owner. This engagement will be hard work for you. Passion and drive are a must if we are to succeed.

You must have a team

One person can only do so much. This business growth exercise will melt anyone who tries to be a jack of all trades. We only take clients with a team.

You need a budget

Growth marketing cannot be free. The techniques and results are heavily dependent on your budget. As we get started decide on your budget.

Time allocation

After payment, your time commitment is still very critical. We work with clients who are willing to make time for this important exercise.