Online Communities: Five Reasons Why They Are Good For Your Business

Having online communities of people interested in what you do around your business will significantly reduce the cost of advertising over time. This is because normally it should be very cheap if not free to reach your community. Am sure as a business you would like to reduce your costs over time. I want to show you why you need to build communities around your business. This will make you reach more people easily over time. And in the following posts, I will show you how you can build your website to do that. I will also share with other free and paid alternatives for building communities for your business. What about joining existing communities online? That’s a place to start but not to end. The painful thing about joining already existing communities or emailing lists is that your business is not be the reason why they joined the community hence not the center of attention. You want to build your own community of people already interested in what you do. But won’t people come to my website when they have a need? Very few websites have more than 20 visitors daily in this country. From the sample of 100 websites, we made a study only 15 had more than 20 visitors daily. So do not think that people will visit your website without you doing something about it. Building communities will help you generate some traffic to your website.

Reasons why online communities are good for business

1. Reduces advertising costs over time.

The bigger your community, the easier it to reach more people for free. In simple terms, online communities are your chance to create free advertising platforms for your business. This is not to imply that all you have to communicate with them has to be advertising messages. People will not stay in any community where they feel sold to every time. The community will need to do more than selling to the people.

2. Interact with your clients.

If you could know the people you are selling to, won’t it help your tailor a working marketing message? I think that knowing who you selling to and interact with them will make a big difference to your business and the way your clients see you.

3. Educate and answer objections.

No matter how clear your marketing message it, people will still have questions that need answers. Sometimes it’s not questions but you need a platform to also defend yourself from ongoing negative marketing about your business. The community will most likely represent your clients and you can share with them your side of the story in cases where someone is playing a hurtful message about your business.

4. Help them and they will help you.

Adding value to your current clients is likely to increase the chances of them buying from you again. The same is true for prospective clients, if you give them free value they are likely to buy from you. An example would be if a University gives a free guide on how to study and pass ‘A’ exams to students on that level, which university would they want to go it they pass? Well not all of them would want to but a big number will. Of course, within that guide, they will add some useful informational marketing content about their offering. They would eventually help you buy referring other students to you and eventually join the university if their grades permit. Building online communities is a major building block for generating future and repeated sales.

5. Increase trust levels

Teachers are trusted buy students for giving them true information for their subject matters. When you release useful teaching materials for your community periodically, they would trust and believe everything else you say. This means they will view your advertising messages the truth as well increasing the changes of them buying from you whether now or later.


Creating online communities will, if done well, increase the number of people with a high trust level in your business. In fact, the number of people in your community is one of the pointers that people use to measure your popularity and trustworthiness. Have you thought how it would have been to have a community of thousands of people interested in what you sell within your reach? It is a good idea to invest in building online communities because it pays off in the long run. I will be sharing with you, the types of Communities you can build online and how to choose the best one for your business.Posted in Create a website, domain names, Web DesignTagged , ,

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