Does E-commerce work in Zimbabwe?

Yes, it does. Ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods or services on the internet. Many Zimbabweans are selling and buying things online. So why do ecommerce business fail so often? Failure in ecommerce is mostly due to these reasons.

Reasons Why It Fails

First, misunderstanding of what drives ecommerce. Selling convenience is NOT the best idea in Zimbabwe. Second reason is failure to generate a good audience size interested in what you sell. Third, is the failure to plan and implement digital marketing well. Ecommerce should anchored with strong digital marketing, failure to have this in place is to plan failure.

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How Does E-commerce Work?

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In short, E-Commerce works by accepting orders and money over the internet from customers and then deliver the product or service. Ecommerce is possible through the help of an online platform or website.

The E-Commerce platform will handle the orders, transactions and exchange of information required for the process to work. The following are the pillars of eCommerce business and those who succeed or fail do so at these aspects.

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