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Your website could be the only chance that many people get to interact with your business. It is important that a website represent you in the best possible way. As a website designer and developer, I oft hear people saying that they want a professional website. I have found out that this particular requirement is what causes a lot of problems between the designer and the client. The grand question is:

What is a professional website?

The definition of professional in this context will be – a characteristic of or befitting a profession/field. Based on this definition, there are a thousand others, it is clear that it is a vague requirement or specification. Why? The website can be very professional in-line with design trends and skills of the designer who is working on it. Also, the very same website can be non-professional in-line with the client’s field. In most cases this requirement is given by clients when they do not know any better way of expressing what they want. So they leave it all in the hands of the developer to use past experience in designing the website. The professionalism of the website spans from design to functionality.  This article seeks to help clients and designers break down the notion of having a professional website.

Implied by Professional website

The following are what I found out was meant by clients when they said they wanted a professional website.
  1. At standard website.
  2. A website that gives their true image or better.
  3. A website that does what is expected of a website in their field.
  4. A website that meet their requirements
Often to get them clarify more of what they mean, it might be helpful to ask the following questions: Why are you having a website? What do you want to achieve by having a website? It’s important to have a consultancy session with a client before diving into action. Of course, some of them will start saying ‘less talk more of results’ but make them realize them that results based on my assumptions mean double work for the designer.Posted in Web DesignTagged ,

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