Avoid wasting money on Paid Email-list marketing services

‘We have over 250 000 email subscribers in our list’ you will hear them saying. There are several players in the market now offering to send your online flier blast to thousands of people. Paying to send your digital flyer to thousands of potential clients intrigues many business owners. I am, here to shed some light into these services. My goal is sore to educate you about how email marketing works. We will discuss the advantages, misconceptions, and negatives of running your campaigns through the paid email blasts platforms. The truth, depending on the type of campaign you are running, these blasts may be the best bet. However, for many people, it’s a waste of money.

Why am I concerned?

I am an online marketing evangelist and my goal is to see businesses practicing best practices for online marketing. I am convinced that once done right email marketing will make any business grow. Some definitions and numbers I would like to share with you some important terms used in email marketing and their meanings. Subscribers base – this is the number of emails that the email blast is expected to reach. Expected? Yes, because some of the emails will bounce. In most cases, the emails will be delivered to over 90% of the emails, though. Open Rate – this is the percentage of people who opened the email after receiving it. These are the people who will at least see the message you are intending to communicate. This number is usually between 15-25% of the subscriber base. So, it is important to get this figure when deciding and or negotiating for a good email blast price. Click rate – after people open the email, some will take the action you want them to. The action here can be to click the link to your website, download a file or fill a form. This can also be called the conversion rate. It is the percentage of people who act after seeing your message compared to those who saw it. Again, depending on the topic, the number can be between 35-50%.

The gimmick

When attracting clients, the email blasting companies usually quote the subscriber base only and their clients feel that once they send the email blast, all the thousands of people will see it. That’s not the case. In fact, most of the emails send by the email blasting companies are automatically labeled spam or junk. That greatly reduced the open rate and makes the whole campaign less effective. They also ‘force’ people to join and never leave the lists. Many of the people on the list never chose to be part and they find themselves unable to leave. Either the subscribe button on the email doesn’t work or it asks you to send an email requesting to be unsubscribed. After trying to leave and fail, users usually just mark the email spam and forget about it.

Why must you care?

When you are paying for the email blasting service, you may or may not realize the value you are looking for. There times when you are trying to create a buzz about something. In such times, you can use any method at your disposal to get the word out there. But if you are trying to create something that brings consistent sales in your business, the blasts are not the way to go. They are not as effective as they are marketed.

What you can do to help the situation

  1. Determine your goal and the time frame. If it’s a long-term goal (something that doesn’t expire) you need to play the long game and email blasting is not the way to go. Identify your typical audience. Knowing who you want to talk to will help you figure out where to find them. Because you don’t know how the people on the email list joined it’s hard for anyone to tell who is there and who is not there. It’s much better to deal with something you know than to spend money on assumptions, just hoping that some of your audience are there. Guess work is one way to waste your money on online marketing.
  2. Create your online office – website. Sadly, people who do email blasting do not educate their clients or ‘victims’ well. Any form of online marketing works well when there is a website where there is more information about the product and or service. Think of it this way, if I see your email blast and forget about where I saw it. How will I find you again? Usually, the website becomes handy here.
  3. Plan your sales funnel well. What are the stages you are going to take a person from the time they start to see your marketing content till they become a client? Plan it well, rather than just saying ‘if you are interested call or email’. That works efficiently more for print, outdoor and other forms of media.
  4. Create a landing page on your website for your campaign. Sometimes people do add links for more information in the emails they send but there is more you need to do. Let the link take people to a landing page for your campaign, this will increase conversions.

If I were you

When you are planning to build something that will steadily grow and become established, I would avoid starting with a paid list but work on generating my own. Get a website and work building your own mailing list of people who are interested in what you are doing. You may be surprised that it’s easy.Posted in online marketingTagged , , , ,

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