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The first step to successful online marketing is having a good business website. Your website is your online office, does it represent your organization well? We have been building business websites for several years, we are here to help you have a good business website. We emphasize on business goals and ROI in all website projects

I Want A Website

Benefits of Good Web Design

At Calmlock Web Design we design websites that add value to your business. We are a results-oriented web design company with a strong local and international portfolio. When you allow us to work with you in your new or redesign website project, you will enjoy these benefits.


After the design process, your website will be launched. You will be able to make changes to the website on your own. Not so technical? With a short training, you will be able to manage the website.We have manual videos available!


Websites get hacked. It’s a reality and thousands are hacked every day. Your benefit for allowing us to build your website is having a hacker-proofed website.


After launch, you will have access to real website statistics. You can measure your website’s performance and use the data to improve the website. This will help you build a website that your clients love and not necessarily what you like.


We run periodic website backups saving your website data in our secure remote servers. Your data is safe with us. In case of mishaps, your website can be stored from the most recent backup copy.


Your website will naturally become more visible in Google Search results over time. You can literally soar higher than your competitors. Higher visibility brings more leads and prospects your way. We help you build a business machine!


The website you will get from us will be responsive. Your website visitors will have a great experience on mobile phones, tablets, and computers no matter what screen size they have!

I Want A New Website

Steps in Creating a Website

Initial Meetup

This is where we get to know each other. You tell us about your business and what you want your new website to do for you. You tell us where you want to be 12 months from now. It’s our way of making sure we really understand what you need, so we can work out the best way to help you.


If we believe we can help you get where you need to be, we’ll create a succinct proposal. This is an overview of the what’s and how’s. It’s proof we’re all on the same page.

Website Plan

A little more planning while we create your site map. This is the way we arrange the information on your website. We’ll structure this based on our experience, research, and your business objectives. We’re getting organized.


If you have chosen to create content yourself, we’ll provide you with a list of assets that we need before we can move to the next stage. We can take care of this for you if you and provide professionally written, keyword rich content if you wish.

Create Website

Website design and development. Also known as the technical stuff. Designs are created to best suit your content and business goals. Then your website is developed with best practice in mind and your customer experience front and centre.

The reveal

We’ll put your site online so you can take a look around and check for any fabulousness issues. We make any minor changes and tweaks before we prepare to show your site to the world.

Your website should be more than just a pretty face. We’ll work with you to ensure your website design resonates with your clients and your business vision from day one.

We’ll also make sure that your new website works beautifully on Android devices, iPads, and iPhones, so your current and potential customers can connect with you anywhere.

After Website Launch

Successful websites of those websites that continue to attract the right type of visitors and lead them down a path towards becoming a customer. This requires consistent content publishing of relevant information and monitoring of the website to make sure it is achieving its objectives.

Once the website has been launched we can assist you with your content strategy and make incremental improvements to the website to make sure that it continues to deliver a positive return on your investment.

We would be happy to speak with you about this in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

In the meantime, you can see more about our website maintenance services here

Web Design Prices

Websites are a great business investment considering the potential benefit that they give any business which takes digital marketing seriously. Considering that, our websites are priced for the mutual benefit of the client and us the providers.

All websites projects do not have the same price because what goes into creating the website is different in each case. For this reason, before we can tell you what the website price, we would like to know more information about what you plan to build.

However, a general benchmark for those who need a figure is that all our websites have a minimum charged $200. 

Yes, I Want A New Website

Frequently Asked Questions in Creating Websites

What happens if I want to add some features to the website while you’re building it?

Whilst we like to be flexible and responsive to your needs, we also like to deliver what we promise within the time frames and budgets we have allowed. If you ask us to add new features to your website while we are building it, will most likely ask why? If we all agree that your new request will help us achieve our objectives, then we will be more than happy to oblige. If your new feature is something you would like to add to your website but is not directly tied to your original objectives, then we will suggest to schedule it for a second iteration of the website once it has been launched. This will require a new proposal.

How will I know if anyone is visiting my website?

We will install Google analytics software on your new website and show you how to log into your Google analytics account where you can see a wide range of statistics about your website including number of visits, page views than the amount of time people are spending on your website. Once you subscribe to one of our website care plans you will also receive more detailed analysis about your website performance and recommendations on how to improve.

Where is the website hosted?

If you require website hosting services, we are able to provide that service for you. Our hosting platform is optimized for WordPress websites and is available only to people who we are developing websites for.

If you have website hosting service purchased already, you just need to confirm if your package has a database. Most of the modern services should work well with WordPress (we develop websites on WordPress unless there are special requirements). Our hosting packages and prices are available here.

Do you help with domain name registration?

Yes, we sell domain names for all local and international extensions. That for .com, .org, .net, .info and also for .co.zw and org.zw. Our domain names cost $15 per year for both local and international domains. You can check if the name you want is not taken already here.

Who do I call if something goes wrong with the website or I need help?

After the launch of your website, you will have 30 days free support and we can fix any problems that may arise during that period. In the first 30 days, we will not be adding new website features, though.

Provided you subscribe to one of our ongoing website care plans, we will be your first point of call should something go wrong with your website. We will determine whether it is something the hosting company needs to fix something that is covered by your website care plan. We will provide training and video tutorials to assist you in using your website once it is launched.

How long will it take to appear at the top of Google?

The time it takes for your website to appear on page 1 of Google depends on a number of factors. It depends on the search phrase people are using to find your website and the number of other websites that are also available for those search phrases. Nobody can truly say how long it will take for your website to appear at the top of search engine results pages (including people who actually work for Google), however, there are a number of factors that can improve your chances. Building your website on WordPress is a good start as WordPress has some great Search Engine Optimization fundamentals built-in. Creating unique and interesting content on a regular basis for your website is also critical to increase your visibility amongst search engines. Launching your website and then forgetting about it is a surefire way to get lost amongst the noise. We are happy to talk to more about your search engine strategy if we haven’t already.

What happens after the website is launched?

Once your website is launched, we will provide 30 days of support to make sure any bugs have been ironed out and that you are confident using your new website. After this, you will need to subscribe to one of our ongoing website care plans to make sure your website is looked after and maintained. These website care plans include updating your software, regular backups, security checks and making sure your website is online and open for business 24/7/365. More information on our website care plans is available upon request.

Is there a Website Builder available for clients after launch?

Yes, it’s there. Once the website is launched, the client has 100% access to the website. They can make any changes they want. We provide training on how to manage websites for a fee as little as $25 per hour per person. After training, the client has 100% access and ability to add extra pages and content to their website using a very powerful page builder. This website builder allows you to create web pages as if you were a professional designer and developer.