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12 Ways To Improve Your Website in 2017

It’s time to match your website with the current trends and designs of websites. It’s a great idea and I want to give you 11 suggestions on how you could bring life to your website. Talking of updates, the most visited website in the world, google.com is always making improvements and revamping some sections and functions of the website. How

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How Long Does It Take To Create A Website?

How Long Does It Take To Create A Website? We cannot have a one-answer-suits-all for this question. With experience, it is possible to create a website in a few hours using a page builder tool or a theme if you are CMS like WordPress. There are a number of factors that determine how long it takes to create a website.

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Online Communities: Five Reasons Why They Are Good For Your Business

Having online communities of people interested in what you do around your business will significantly reduce the cost of advertising over time. This is because normally it should be very cheap if not free to reach your community. Am sure as a business you would like to reduce your costs over time. I want to show you why you need

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Five Things You Avoid By Using Google Analytics On Your Website.

Many marketing professionals cannot answer statistical questions about their websites with confidence. “So how many visitors did we have last month?”. The responses are normally filled with guess and exaggerations. Google analytics will give you all the insights you need. I want you to be able to know the true statistics around your website. How many people click to your

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Web Design: Six Things to make a Website Magnetic

In his book, ‘Don’t make me think’, Steve Krug emphasized on the issue of trying to make our users think as little as possible. His point cannot be emphasized enough. Our users shouldn’t have a hard time figuring out where they are, where they should go and basically, what exactly do you have for them on your website that they

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