12 Ways To Improve Your Website in 2018

It’s time to match your website with the current trends and designs of websites. It’s a great idea and I want to give you 11 suggestions on how you could bring life to your website.

Talking of updates, the most visited website in the world, google.com is always making improvements and revamping some sections and functions of the website. How much more us who are making far much less from our websites. Continue reading “12 Ways To Improve Your Website in 2018”

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How Long Does It Take To Create A Website?

We cannot have a one-answer-suits-all for this question. With experience, it is possible to create a website in a few hours using a page builder tool or a theme if you are CMS like WordPress. There are a number of factors that determine how long it takes to create a website. Here are some Continue reading “How Long Does It Take To Create A Website?”

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Online Communities: Five Reasons Why They Are Good For Your Business

Having online communities of people interested in what you do around your business will significantly reduce the cost of advertising over time. This is because normally it should be very cheap if not free to reach your community. Am sure as a business you would like to reduce your costs over time.

I want to show you why you need to build communities around your business. This will make you reach more people easily over time. And in the following posts, I will show you how you can build your website to do that. I will also share with other free and paid alternatives for building communities for your business. Continue reading “Online Communities: Five Reasons Why They Are Good For Your Business”

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Five Things You Avoid By Using Google Analytics On Your Website.

Many marketing professionals cannot answer statistical questions about their websites with confidence. “So how many visitors did we have last month?”. The responses are normally filled with guess and exaggerations. Google analytics will give you all the insights you need.

I want you to be able to know the true statistics around your website. How many people click to your website from Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms? Continue reading “Five Things You Avoid By Using Google Analytics On Your Website.”

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Web Design: Six Things to make a Website Magnetic

In his book, ‘Don’t make me think’, Steve Krug emphasized on the issue of trying to make our users think as little as possible. His point cannot be emphasized enough. Our users shouldn’t have a hard time figuring out where they are, where they should go and basically, what exactly do you have for them on your website that they need. How much you make your users think, could reciprocate to how many users you are going to lose in the process. It is a well a researched fact that users only have a window between 1 and 2 seconds  before they can decide whether to stay or leave. Below are some of the techniques you can use to up your game in as much as your users’ experience interacting with your site is concerned. Continue reading “Web Design: Six Things to make a Website Magnetic”

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Measuring Website Success – Take charge of your Business!

Hundreds of domain names are registered weekly in Zimbabwe. Many website designers are busy creating a website for businesses from varied industries with different sizes. But are these websites relevant to the businesses? How can you tell? Did you get what you wanted from the investment in the website?

But are these websites relevant to the businesses they are created to represent? How can you tell whether your website is useful or not? Did you get what you wanted from the investment in the website? Continue reading “Measuring Website Success – Take charge of your Business!”

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Web Design: Preparation Steps

1. Strategic Planning

Without a plan, it is certain that the website project will not fully benefit the company compared to it’s potential. It’s important to have strategies in place before we move into action. The reason many web based projects fail is that it is easy to make a website than to plan a for a successful one. Continue reading “Web Design: Preparation Steps”

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Web Design in Zimbabwe

Web design in Zimbabwe has often been criticised for being substandard when compared to the international community. This view prevailed strongly in the recent years. Many businesses have taken their web design projects elsewhere in the world seeking for better quality work. The truth is that this has changed drastically in the past two years. I will show you why I am making such a bold statement. Continue reading “Web Design in Zimbabwe”

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How To Improve Your Website in 2017

When businesses first started using the websites for marketing, the goals were simple. At the time, information on the website was a second thought since simply having a website was enough to put a business ahead of its competition. As the Internet has grown, however, so has the number of competitors and the expectations of consumers who using the Internet for shopping and information. For modern website owners, it is important that a website is geared toward satisfying consumer expectations for engaging, high-quality content and functionality that make e-commerce simple. This write-up will focus on five ways that business owners can use the content to make their websites more than just another website. Continue reading “How To Improve Your Website in 2017”

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How to Choose a domain name

Choosing a domain name is the same as choosing a company name — a lot of thought and consideration are required. Your domain name is your identity on the web; the best is to choose a name that not only fits your business but is also easy to find and promote. Continue reading “How to Choose a domain name

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Cost of Website Design

The cost of website design is something that cannot be generalized because:

  • Though they can be categorized, websites are rarely identical or the same, so designers are forced to quote each client differently.
  • The value that website designers give to their time is different. Someone may charge $10 per hour while another charges $125 for the same length of time. Guess you will get the impression of the differences in quality assumed by the price differences. That is often the case.
  • The number and size of jobs the designer has. When designers are very busy they oft use price to filter off a certain type of clients. Surprisingly clients who negotiate the most are the fussiest, difficult and they tend to behave as if they are the only client.

Even though some companies claim to have ready made website packages, the commonest problem with them is that they lack business logic. There is need to tailor every business website so that it can achieve the business goals and objective it is being created for.

You may get ideas of how much your website should cost by sending an enquiry here.

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Web Design Tips

Here are web design tips collected over seven years of designing working business websites in Zimbabwe. Following these simple guidelines will make your website a profitable business tool.

You wouldn’t want to scare away visitors to your website by having misplaced designs or wrongly targeted elements. Most websites have big figures for hits and visits but very little business because of many reasons including Continue reading “Web Design Tips”

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Design a professional website

Your website could be the only chance that many people get to interact with your business. It is important that a website represent you in the best possible way. As a website designer and developer, I oft hear people saying that they want a professional website. I have found out that this particular requirement is what causes a lot of problems between the designer and the client. Continue reading “Design a professional website”

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Steps to get a website online

After designing your first website you probably want to know make it go live on the internet. Here are quick steps you can successfully. Continue reading “Steps to get a website online”

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Steps to Create a Website for a Business

There is a difference between a blog and website. There much strategic thinking needed to create a blog but much more for a business website. A business website is supposed to become an asset over time. There must be business growth which anchored by the website. Continue reading “Steps to Create a Website for a Business”

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